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A friend of mine threw her birthday-party last weekend – so I was in need of a birthday present ;)

I know that she loves handmade stuff as much as I do, so it was clear that she should get something I made myself. This, sadly, didn’t worked for her whole present but it worked for the card.

I printed the card with the saying and the little flag garland and then crafted the cupcake. Unfortunately I didn’t had good glue at home, but I was in hurry – you can see this under the ribbon. Ugh.

If you like to do such a card as well, here are the two PDF-files:

{ card }

{ cupcake } 

– In the file for the cupcake I added some small objects you can use if you don’t want to glue a button on top of the cupcake as well as two versions for the “frosting” of the cupcake!


PS. I show my things at these link parties