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I have a quite small flat (you can’t never ever pay  for a bigger in this city as a student…), which involves a small bathroom (around 5 sq m i guess) – it is functional and thankfully it has pure white tiles and not it a crazy color, but there is nothing more.
So I’m always trying to make it look a bit mote nice and like a room with life in it and not only this functional.

I began with the Guest-towel rack and the No-drill bathroom shelf and then I came across these two great posts:

And I knew, I could do something like these as well.
I had a cheap and simple clock on my wall – it was like the rest of the bathroom: functional and nothing more. Not really my thing. And then there was the light-problem. I have a bright lamp directly over the mirror, which is great in the morning, and a normal cheap ceiling light, which is … yes, you guessed it! It’s functional and nothing more!
It works all fine now (please don’t forget, this is just a shared student flat…), but I liked the idea of having some nice light for when I’m taking a bath or spend some more time in there for pedicure, manicure… or before we girls start a party-evening ;)

So, it was holiday.
And I was bored at my parents place!

:) This meant I had a lot of time and more tools as I have at my place to start the projects. Oh well, a tip: If you don’t have already enough luggage to carry with you in the trains on a way where you have to change some time – just take some wood, planks, tools … with you! Such fun!

I’m going to show you, how both of my work turned out
and below are both “How to”-posts linked!

Here’s the HOW TO for the LAMP and the CLOCK.


PS. I show my things at these link parties