My desk usually looks like … well … it’s a mess! There is everything lying around, even if I have a shelf on the left where I could put anything in and organize it.

Once I saw this here at the Diary of Daves Wife { Kristy }

I really liked it and so I wanted to do something like this by myself. I’m really hoping that I will stay more organized if I have such a cute thing on my desk which anybody should see!

So, here is my one!

I found the étagère at amazon – it was wooden with brown metal originally. As this doesn’t fit into my room I glazed it white, so you can still see a bit of the brown underneath. And the babyfood-jars – I got them from eBay for just a few euros. Hotglued some ribbon on their threads and that’s it.

On the lower shelf I have all kind of pens, pencils and scissors and on top there are some more office-supplies, my little camera and my favorite perfum.

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