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This, originally norwegian, site has tons (today: 53147!!) patterns for knitting and crocheting. And nearly all of them are just gorgeous!

And most of the patterns are translated in all of the following languages: norwegian, swedish, danish, finnish, french, english (AE & BE), german, netherlandish, spanish, portuguese, estonian, czech, italian and polish!

Of course they’re on pinterest, facebook, twitter and on vimeo where they have tutorials  for a lot of different stitches and where you can learn a lot of things (trust me! I tried!)

I made this head band and neck warmer on the pic last winter for me as well as some more head bands for my friends, because it was so quick and easy that I just loved to knit them!

…this is how it looked on me:

(Ugh, bad picture of me… But the only one I found with both, head band and neck warmer.)