Yes, I know… I promised to show this table already a few days ago. But then I took a look at my diary and I saw that I had to send a paper to my docent until yesterday. So I thought, it would be a better idea, finishing that at first and then write this post…

Anyway. Finished that paper.
Now it’s time for some quick’n’n easy DIY!

My mum wanted to have a small table in her patio which she can decorate. And she found one – but it was small and it was in basketwork, so her decoration fell down quite often… As she liked the legs of the table she didn’t wanted a whole new table, but it needed a new table top.
And that’s what she found: A tree disc. She just placed it on top of the old top as this was very flat – just look at the two pictures from up as well from down!


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