Flip Flop Edit Challenge

As long as I’m waiting that the weather get’s warm enough for sanding all my furniture that’s stored in the basement and waiting for me… I just edit more pictures!
(And to procrastinate all my term papers, oh yeah!)

Flip Flop Edit Challenge Original


Flip Flop Edit Challenge « Midsommarflicka | So, it was weekend. And I was bored.And one version in sepia…
Flip Flop Edit Challenge « Midsommarflicka | So, it was weekend. And I was bored.

It is hard for me to explain what I did as my Photoshop is in german and I don’t know what a lot of the stuff is called in english. But again, just as last time, I will try to explain my editing in english. Please ask, if you don’t understand any of the translations…

I painted some lashes, darked the lips, stamped a bit on the skin (removed the imprints from the bra as well as one little feather and some of these “flying hairs” (this isn’t an english expression, si it?)), applied some Gaussian Blur in the face and sharped the hair and the feathers and the eyes; lightened up the eyes as well.
i turned the saturation down and after that I turned more red and yellow in the pic via the gradation curve… In the end I applied some dodge and burn.
I made the sepia version version while first turning the saturation to zero and then turning more red and yellow into the picture. So, like before, but only stronger.

Yeah, well, and I made the border and inserted my name.

So, in the end I had like 18 layers in Photoshop…
(I do everything on a new one, so I can go back and change if something doesn’t seem right after a while!)