I got a sweet comment under Color Inspiration #22, by Carrie:

20. März 2013 um 18:09
Carrie sagte:

I’d love a tutorial on how you do these!! Terrific, I love the cool sequence of colors in this one.

So, this is definitely something I can do!
Here you go, Carrie (and everybody else):

I work in Photoshop, so this tutorial will be for Photoshop, but I’m pretty sure, it will work similar in every other picture editing program. I’ll try, not to be too specific with all the Photoshop functions, but explain more of why I do something and what result it will have – this will make it hopefully easier to follow this tutorial while working in another programm.

As you (maybe?) know, I’m German, so English is not my mother tongue. Nevertheless I’m hoping, that you’re going to understand this tutorial!

This was the picture, I started with:

pic2 At first I enlarged the Canvas Size, to a square.

My picture was 2500×1679 pixel. I enlarged it to 2500×2500 pixel, only enlarging it from the top, so that the photo is on top of the picture.

I hadn’t preset a background-color for the new part of the picture, so I made it white afterwards. But you do these two steps also in one.



Afterwards I applied the words on top of the picture, in a new layer. I made it white and putted it directly on top of the white rectangle, so that it seems like one part.


The next step was, to make the dots. I took the Elliptical Marquee Tool and made a circle. (In Photoshop you can either set the Aspect Ratio or press down the shift-key, when you make the circle)
Then I took the Foreground Color and took a color out of the photo with help of the Eyedropper Tool. Thereafter I filled the selected circle with this color.



pic8 Then I made three more circles, chose three more colors out of the photo and added them all to the photo. I adjusted all four of them, so that they have the same distance between them (select all layers, have the black arrow and than you can adjust this in the top) and are all on one horizontal line.

Color Inspiration #23 And this is the result at the end:

Color Inspiration #23

Are there any steps you would like to have more detailed? Than I would update this post and try to help you. It’s not that easy for me to imagine, which parts you really need to have explained and how detailed.