I got tagged on instagram recently and shared #20facts about me.
Just if you like to know a little bit about me:

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@theonewithme tagged me and here are my #20facts…

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  1. My name here on Instagram is Swedish and means “midsummergirl”.
  2. I left my heart in Sweden.
  3. When I worked as an au pair I was kind of a good housewife. Now, living on my own, I’m the worst housewife.
  4. I love studying. And I hate studying. As much as I love it.
  5. I already have a degree in graphic-design.
  6. I’m a small town girl.
  7. Nevertheless: Hamburg’s an awesome city and I love living here.
  8. I cannot imagine to live in a place where’s no water – like a river or lake.
  9. I would be nothing without my mom.
  10. I’d love to have a middle name.
  11. I also would have loved to have Low German as second mother tongue.
  12. And I would love to be fluent in Swedish and Dutch.
  13. I still dream of spending some time again in a foreign country.
  14. I love flea markets.
  15. Stripping, sanding, painting and/or building furniture is my version of relaxation.
  16. I want to own a real old house one day.
  17. I cannot imagine to have a home without books.
  18. I am religious.
  19. I refuse to discuss about religion if it’s not in university, because most people seem to don’t understand me.
  20. Being religious doesn’t contradict with supporting feminism and marriage equality and I believe in full equality. For everyone, everywhere, always.

If anyone would like to join, just feel free to repost my pic :)