I’m pretty good at some things.
I don’t have bad grades, which means I can’t be that bad at writing exams and papers. Like my thesis at which I’m writing right now. Nevertheless I’m really awesome at something else: procrastination!
(Clarification: If I ever get started, I can work pretty straight for hours and even forget to eat during that time.)

Well, anyway.
During one of that procrastination-phases today I worked a little bit on my blog.

I found some old pictures on my computer while searching for something completely different (of course!) that show how my apartment looked like, before and when I moved in. It’s pretty fun to see.

And I found even more pictures, which show how the apartment looked like after 48 hours hard work by my parents and me: ready to move in!

And then I browsed through my feed-reader. And thought, I should maybe mention some of my favorite blogs and the ladies that run them here. So, now I also have a collection of friends here on a page.
(I really hope, you recognize, why the friends-banner looks like it does!)
(Oh, and if some of the mentioned blogs don’t want to be mentioned or want to have another button shown, just message me!)

And then I also redesigned my “about”-page. Not that is was any older than a few months, but … well. I just did it. (Hier die deutsche Seite!)



Now back to work!

Wish you all an awesome week!