I got tagged, again, on instagram and shared another #20facts about me.
This time it’s all about childhood and family-history…
(here’s the first one)

  1. I was already obsessed with Polka Dots when I was a little girl. See exhibit above.
  2. In relation to Polka Dots: Nothing changed. (See pic of my blouse and iPhone-case a few weeks ago.)
  3. My summers were often spent at the Baltic Sea.
  4. The Baltic Sea is still one of my favorite place to be.
  5. Maybe I will move closer to the Baltic Sea after university. Which means also further away from family.
  6. Me and my mum have the best relationship, when there are a “few” kilometers between us. The more kilometers, the more messages and mails.
  7. Other mums call their kids, my mum writes a few mails and messages per day instead.
  8. I was in Yugoslavia. Shortly after there was no Yugoslavia anymore.
  9. In theory I also experienced a divided Germany.
  10. In practice I grew up in a Europe without border controls.
  11. The Netherlands don’t really feel like a foreign country for me.
  12. My granddads on my mothers side were Dutch. They didn’t needed to serve during WW2.
  13. My great-grandad on my fathers side however was in Russia, in war prison. But my parents weren’t interested when they were younger and he died, before I could ask questions.
  14. The only stories my grandma tells about the WW2 and the time thereafter are how they helped people with food from their farm.
  15. I was interested A LOT in history when I was younger and wanted to know EVERYTHING about WW2.
  16. My mum had to go to a lot of exhibitions about concentrations camps with me.
  17. Every time she had to explain, that she knew I was still quite young, but that I was tough enough to see the pictures of the camps.
  18. I currently read a book about Dutch war prisoners in my hometown.
  19. They took the same way & train to “work” than I did to vocational school. Something was never so real and surreal at the same time.