Here on the blog.
The theme stayed (and probably always will). And the main design (water colors!) also. But some things changed anyway. More of this “skin color” and less grey and white, to make all feel warmer. But still the same blue. And the same beloved font (Yanone Kaffeesatz).


The header.
Now the actual title is bigger than the addition below and not the other way round. Makes much more sense, doesn’t it?
(Still thinking if I resize it a little bit?! A little bit smaller?! What do you think?)

And the buttons.
(If you have mine somewhere, I’d love, if you change it!)

Button14_square button14_circle

And the sidebar is decluttered.

And I finally made a project gallery!
I’m not sure if that are already all projects, but at least a lot of them!
Click below!

A fresh start into 2014 :)

Good Night!