Thanks to Johanna I found this awesome project by Melyssa. It’s giving you 23 prompts and you “just” have to get creative…
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The creative Collective

January 15 // Think of a word that you want to focus on in 2014.

Find a piece of paper, cardboard, old pizza boxes, whatever, and write your word out. You can include photos, magazine clippings, paint splotches, random household items, or anything, really, that embodies this word to you. Make it colorful, if you like. Then hang it somewhere in your house or bedroom where it can inspire you and help you maintain your focus throughout the year.

So, here it is. My One Word for 2014: It’s to live.
I thought about it a long time and had also a few others in mind, but every time, I came back to live. Because that’s what I really want to do this year. I explained that also here.

The second word I also want to focus on, because the first one’s not possible without this second one: DO! Do things. And don’t overthink.

I want to live. I want to create, explore, enjoy, be alive, visit people, celebrate, relax – live life to the fullest!
Some other things that are in my mind are: More snail mail! Less procrastination! Live healthier. Live more sustainable. And fall in love – at least with myself!!
I also want more parties in my “garden” (Celebrate! Be alive! Enjoy! Visit people and have people visit me!), be a tourist in my own city sometimes (Explore! Enjoy!), I want to be happier again – with my life and myself (Relax! Enjoy! Fall in love!).
And then I’d love to have more time for photography and learn more about it. And to write a book. And to make some (or one) short movies.
And also: Faith, Hope, Charity.

Oh, and yes, I’m aware, that the task was to create an analog collage, with real cardboard, not the photo of cardboard… but since I also wanted to get started again working more with photoshop again … I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

(click to enlarge)

One Word 2014 #CreativeCollective « Midsommarflicka

(Collage created with a little help of CG Textures, stock.xchng,
pugly pixel and Poladroid. Thanks and you’re welcome.)