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February 19 // Anything-Goes Art

Walk around your house and collect anything that appeals to you — memorable ticket stubs, the extra buttons that come with clothing, confetti from New Years that’s still stuck to your dining table — along with some basic craft supplies you have on hand (paper, glue, paint, etc) and create something. Don’t worry about making a masterpiece. This activity should not be stressful. Allow your mind to form connections and breathe in new ways. Use an old newspaper as your canvas, if you’d like. Glue things upside down. Work with reckless, uninhibited abandon. (If you made a playlist from the previous challenge, now would be a great time to play it! Don’t forget the wine!).

Without any further ado:

Art?! #CreativeCollective « Midsommarflicka

Yes. I’m a little bit busy right now and didn’t had so much time to create something. And also I’m terribly tired all day long. Like, tired for friday and not for wednesday today… (Hello weekend, I need you!!) But I still took an hour, forgot everything else and got glue and color on my hands. That was good! Only, that I went a little bit crazy, because it took me, I don’t know, 20 tries or so to write that sentence in a way I liked… Normally I like my handwriting, but not in bigger sizes and without lines. In the end I sketched the writing with a pencil, before the big black marker came ;)

And maybe, I will make a better photo, when I’m not tired any longer.

Wow & Yeah! from here
VOLL SCHÖN stamp from here. It means sth. like TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL.
handmade with LOVE stamp from somewhere in Australia. Ask my friend.
Washi Tape from here and here.
Fleuron stamp from here.
Paper tags from … yeah,  don’t remember.

Oh, and just in the case anybody likes this and would like to have it
… I would totally gift it! Just leave a comment below!