If you’re like me and love the nordic countries and/or you love music, you will love this here also:

The Nordic Playlist is a brand new way to discover the most exciting sounds in the Nordic region.

Every week, a trusted artist or tastemaker will compile a 10-track playlist consisting of two of their favourite tunes from each country. How do you listen to it? Simply click the link to listen in on Deezer, Spotify or WiMP, and allow your favourite figures to introduce you to a whole world of new music.

Nordic Playlist

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It’s been a few days since I found them and since that day I’ve listened to all of their playlists, I think, and discovered some beautiful new artists and music… I recommend these playlists also if you aren’t obsessed with the Nordic countries, but with music! There are some artists I’ve never heard of, but they are pretty awesome!