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March 5 // Take a Skillshare class

Skillshare classes are normally about $20 or less and offer a wide range of things, from “Bartending Basics” and “Styling Your Space Like a Pro” to “Modern Calligraphy” and “Night Photography.” Seriously, if there’s a creative skill you want to learn, Skillshare probably has it covered in an inexpensive and time-friendly manner.

Yeah. Well.
I failed on this task.

Or, let’s say … I cheated on this task.
Although I did start a Skillshare class, I haven’t finished it. Which isn’t too bad, as it was one of the rare free courses that I found.

But, I did learn something new in the last time. And we’re not talking my regular university-classes here. We’re talking online classes here! I am enrolled in a few MOOCs right now, most of them at coursera.
You can see a screenshot from my MyEducationPath-passport here:

But, as all of these courses are not really creative, there’s no product I can show you… So that was already everything for today.