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March 19 // Become a Pseudo-Bartender

Create a new cocktail recipe. Give it a fun name and serve it to your friends if you can!

Yeah. This was supposed to be published on March 19. We’re already in May. Well done, girl. Well done!

I fell behind with all the Creative Collective tasks although I had good intentions to really accomplish all of them in time and use them to push myself to work. That, obviously, didn’t worked. But I’ll be working them all off! (At least, that’s the plan.) So you’ll be seeing these posts a bit more than usual here on my blog.

Become a Pseudo-Bartender

Okay. That really is/was a hard task because the drinks I usually enjoy are: water, prosecco, white wine and beer. All as simple as possible please. But, after some thinking, I thought I could use this opportunity to tell you, me dear readers abroad, about a German ‘thing’.


Because, yes, that IS a thing. Apfelschorle is just sparkling water mixed with apple juice, simple as that. It’s a drink, I also enjoy, because, you know, it’s also very simple. Sadly I can’t tell you, WHY this is a thing here, but trust me, it is. I mean, even the English wikipedia is talking about it. And expats living in Germany are talking bout it. And more expats.

Now, because this is supposed to be a creative challenge and I haven’t done anything creative yet, please enjoy my little illustration:

Apfelschorle « Midsommarflicka

Have a great week!