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April 16 // Planting Dreams…Or Just Plants

Go to a farmers market or large plant store. Buy one plant that inspires you, along with one plain pot. Decorate the pot however you’d like. Make it you. As for the plant, become an expert on how to take care of it. Do as much research on your plant species as you can. Then care for it and watch how your research gives it a full life. Alternatively, you could buy a bag of seeds instead. If you choose this route, I recommend researching your plant before purchasing it, to make sure you are equipped to give it the proper care (i.e. indoor vs. outdoor, light, pot size, etc).

Urban Jungle Bloggers I bought herbs… does that count?

And I used newspaper as ‘pot’… does that count?

I, anyway, love the little pots in my window sill. I love it, when there’s something GREEN on it. And then, if I can even use the plants: even better!

This post is not only a belated Creative Collective post, it’s also a belated Urban Jungle Bloggers post. What the Urban Jungle Bloggers are?

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series initiated by 2 bloggers: Igor (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith ( Every month we share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs and green tips & tricks. Let’s bring some green into your homes and blogs!

And in April, it was all about the ‘green balcony or window sill’.
So, here is my window sill: