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May 7 // Hunting for Photos

Go on a photo hunt and create a themed set of at least five photos. Some possible theme ideas: life/death, innocence, shapes, or certain colors.

Yes. This is the fourth Creative Collective post in just one week. But this also means, that I worked them all off and am back on track and as of now you will see these posts again every two/three weeks as planned. Hooray!

A set of themed photos is a task, that I loved very very much. My first idea was to take photos of flowers … like I did here or here or here or here. Yeah, I did a lot of flower-photos, so I thought I needed something. Maybe spring-photos, according to my little winter-series? Would have been awesome if it wouldn’t have rained nearly all week. My next idea was a series of my beloved city Hamburg. I once did one about Cologne. But, again, there was this thing with the rain. And that I spent all the days from dawn till dusk in university.
The solution needed to be shot at home and not include only flowers.

I finally decided on the theme COZY.
Because that’s what my home is to me, It’s my haven.

And because I haven’t done macro shots in a long time, you will now get a lot of them :)



Yes, there’s again a flower. Sorrynotsorry.
Yes, all of them are made in or around my bed. Because, let’s face it, beds are the most awesome and cozy place in a home, right?