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May 21 // Interview someone.

Perhaps someone with a career you’re fascinated by or a family member whose past you’d love to learn more about (don’t make the mistake of not learning about your family before they’re gone!). You could even interview a blogger! Bonus points if you’re able to take editorial photos of your interviewee to include with your write-up.

Okay. I didn’t really made an interview, like they usually are. But I have this awesome book. I think I already talked it about once here on the blog. But I will do it again, because I love it so much!

#CreativeCollective Interview « Midsommarflicka

It’s called “Mom, tell me” and there is also be an English version available, called “The Mother’s Book”, it’s written by Elma van Vliet. (Originally it’s a Dutch book.) Also, there are versions for Dads, grandparents…

The book is thought to be a gift that you get back. You will gift it to your mom and then, later, get it back. She will answer all the interview-questions (here’s where we get back to today’s topic!) for you.

My original plan was to take some of the questions and present them here on the blog, but after reading the book again, I decided against it. The questions and answers are very personal and I think, it wouldn’t be right to share them here. It is also very emotional, I start crying every time I read in that book!

But my mom’s answers also made me very very grateful for my own childhood and life and I always feel very loved by my mom after reading what she wrote about me…

I definitely recommend this book!

And, to make this post a bit like an interview, here’s one awesome answer by my mom. The first sentence is one, of which I can say that I learned it from my mom, that I adopted it, that I took it  to my heart – and it also would be my own answer today!

What’s your life motto? 

Life is beautiful.
Live and enjoy.

#CreativeCollective Interview « Midsommarflicka