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June 4 // Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Visit your city’s tourism website. Find a suggested activity, place, or event and do it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive — even just visiting a local park or that hot dog stand that everyone raves about is good enough for me.

Last saturday was a perfect day. Why? Because Johanna was in Hamburg for a few days and we got to meet each other on Saturday. And because she was a tourist, we did touristy things, which means I was definitely a tourist in my own city for that day!

At first we had breakfast at Oma’s Apotheke (Grandma’s pharmacy, literally), which is a really nice restaurant/cafe/bar/whatever. They have this old pharmacy cupboard behind the bar, which I admired very much…

At next we walked to the Flohschanze, or Schanzen-Flohmarkt (Schanzen-flea market). It’s every saturday and definitely one of the best markets we have here! Johanna found a few nice things but I limited myself, because I spent a good 100 Euros in the weeks before on the market. Oh, well… :)

Afterwards we had a very luxurious break in the city, with some help of Johannes new old menorah (bought on the flea market) and drinks from the very exclusive store with the golden M as logo ;)


All in all it was a really wonderful day and I loved meeting you, Johanna <3


That are just two of the many great things, you can do here in the city.
If you would like to see more things, here is a list of free things I made last year, as part of Jamie’s series – just click on the pic: