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June 18 // Walking Thoughts

Go for a walk (30 min+). Bring a notepad or your phone (turned on airplane mode to avoid receiving contact from others) and jot down all of your thoughts. This might be difficult at first — “what am I supposed to think about?” you might wonder. But keep strolling along. Look at things. Smile at strangers. Try not to think about work or your to-do list — free your mind and see what seeps in. You might be surprised what you end up thinking about! Don’t forget to write it all down. :)

Go for a walk? I don’t have time for such things! That was my first thought. And then I really wanted to find time for this. And … it didn’t worked. Oh, well. But ! I do sit in the train a lot and very regularly and commute between my home, my work and my two universities. So instead of doing what I usually do in the train, reading books, I sat there and thought.

These are some of mine thoughts:

  • Soon it’s Midsommar, yeah! I still need to write the reminder-mail to my friends … otherwise I may sit alone there on saturday. Why did I say to celebrate on saturday? Traditionally and in Sweden the celebration is always on the Friday closest to the actual Midsommar-day … 
  • Oh, this city is really beautiful … the view above the harbor from the train is lovely, especially in the sunset!
  • But, oh my, is this city and its people also annoying … Hey, you! You there, in the seat across me, could you please turn your music down? I don’t like it! 
  • Where are my earphones???
  • Oh, tonight’s world cup again … who’s playing today? Actually, it doesn’t matter. I won’t have time to watch. I need to prepare my lessons for school tomorrow. 

I just now realize that I may look like I’m a bit hyperactive. My thoughts are so random…