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Das Gewinnspiel ist natürlich auch für alle deutschen Leser offen, weiteres dazu unten. Ich habe es mir aber verkniffen, das Interview zu übersetzen, das müsst ihr also leider auf englisch lesen…

IMG_4320-e1377630703960 Today we have a special post here: An interview with an author, Claire Duffy, who’s currently living in Stockholm, Sweden (I’m SO envy, you have no idea!!).

She just published her book “Life is Swede”.
“Life is Swede” has always been one of my most favorites wordplay, right after “Home Swede Home”! :)

And now enjoy Claires answers to my questions…

In your own words, describe who you are and what you’re doing!

I’m Claire, a writer living in Stockholm for no particular reason! I moved here on a whim three years ago (I’m lucky that I can work wherever my laptop is!) and absolutely love it.

Why did you end up in Sweden? Where are you originally from?

I came on a random weekend trip almost four years ago, and completely fell in love with the city. Over the next six months or so, a little thought kept burrowing into my brain… I could move to Sweden. Eventually I decided that the only way to shut it up was to buy a one way plane ticket – so I did! I come from Scotland originally, but my family moved around a lot when I was a child, so I’m a lifelong serial expat!

What do you love most about Sweden (or Stockholm)?

It’s hard to pick just one thing – Stockholm is absolutely beautiful, and I love how it’s a perfect balance between city life yet with country right on the doorstep. I love watersports (particularly kayaking and paddle boarding, which feature in the book!) so living in a city on the water is perfect for me!

How did you spent Midsommar?

This year was quite relaxed, I stayed in the city and hung out with some friends on an apartment building roof watching the 2am sunrise. The first Midsommer I was here, I went to outdoor museum Skansen hoping to watch all the traditional Swedish singing and dancing, but instead an old lady pulled my friend and I right into the middle of the dance – which was slightly terrifying, though in a good way ;-)

What’s your latest book, “Life Is Swede” about?

Regan moves halfway across the world to start a new life with holiday fling Anders, and blogs daily about her ups and downs settling into Stockholm and struggles to connect with Anders’ tight knit group of friends.

When one of them is found dead during a weekend away in a remote cabin, the police quickly zero in on Anders as the killer. Regan sets out to clear his name, and details her investigation for her fascinated readers – unaware that the killer is reading her blog, and watching her every move.

Where did you find the inspiration for the book? How much of you is in the book?

It was very much inspired by my own move here, and ups and downs getting to know people and understand Swedish culture. While the story is fictional, a lot of Regan’s early mishaps are mine!!

What’s your favorite sentence out of the book?

I think that this one, from Regan’s first blog entry, sums it up:

But that’s what this adventure is all about – getting out of my comfort zone, challenging myself, starting a new life… and of course being with Anders.

Thanks for your answers, Claire! (Find her website here!)

I think, staying on an apartment building roof watching the 2am sunrise is now a thing on my bucket list! And I definitely understand your love for the balanced city/nature life in Stockholm…
And now:

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Then leave a comment, telling me what kind of perfect Midsommar (or any other sumer day/night) is on your bucket list!
Do you also dream of watching the 2am sunrise on an apartment building roof?! Give me more ideas! I still have a lot of summers to come (God willing) and can’t do the same every year :)

Giveaway ends 20th of July 2014!

Um eine Ausgabe des eBooks zu gewinnen müsst ihr hier bloß einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Erzählt mir, was eure perfekte Midsommar-Nacht ausmacht. Oder auch jede andere Sommernacht / Sommertag. Auch der 2-Uhr-Sonneraufgang auf dem Hausdach? Das jedenfalls steht nun definitiv auf meiner Wunschliste, nachdem Claire es im Interview beschrieb…

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