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July 2 // Pet Portraits

Draw a portrait of your pet (tip: look at a photo as you draw instead of at your actual pet). If you don’t have a pet, draw a portrait of someone close to you, even yourself.

I. Can’t. Draw.

Really. I tried. Often. And a lot.

But trust me. Even my graphic-design-diploma says I am only “sufficient” (should be grade C/D) in drawing. So instead of drawing I illustrated an animal. Which one? One of my favorites one which I would love to have as a pet, but I think this will always be just a dream…

Down below you can also download the little origami-style penguin (inspired by these here) as printable in white/blue and blue/white.

And don’t forget that there’s still a giveaway going on here!! Click here!


Download the blue penguin here (PDF file)

And the white penguin here (PDF file)


PS. I show my things at these link parties