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July 16 // A Change of Perspective

Think of an area of your identity where you are part of the privileged or “dominant” group. Write a diary entry or PSA from the perspective of someone from an opposite group. Discuss what makes your life both difficult and beautiful. (For example, if you’re heterosexual, write from the perspective of someone who is not). Some identities to consider: your gender, religion, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, ability status (i.e. disability or not), etc. Let this activity be meaningful. Don’t allow yourself to feel ashamed or guilty for your privilege — these are not constructive emotions. Instead, hone the experience of others so that you can become more empathetic and open-minded.

If I believe my university professor, I am part of the intellectual elite of Germany. Because I can study at an university. Although it’s a bit gonzo to say it like that it stuck with me. I worked hard for the possibility to study at an university. It wasn’t always the way I was supposed to go.

For this task now I wanted to write from the perspective who doesn’t have the chance to get education. But there is one problem: I believe wholehearted that everyone, at least in Middle Europe where I am, has the chance to get education. Sure it’s hard and you may have to fight for it. But our schoool system allows it to go through different schools and stages and finally get the degree you always wanted.

Where one maybe hasn’t the chance to go this way, how many curves, redirections and stones they may be, is probably in emerging countries or when living in war. But the situation in these countries is, SADLY, so far away from me, that I have no idea how one feels there. How it is to be stuck somewhere knowing that you can’t “grow”, can’t get out there because you don’t get education.
I have no ideas here.


While we’re at this topic … have an awesome cartoon:

Without education, we are all doomed.