Remeber that I told you last month you should have a look at Allisons blog because I got interviewed? If you missed it, you can read it here.


The awesome news: After my interview was posted Allison and I decided to continue with this interview and make it a little series – a series which I will take care of. So on every first wednesday of the month you will find me over on Allisons blog and introduce you to antother blogger who’s busy crafting abroad. Today it’s Rukminis turn and you can read her interview here!

And if you know of an Craft/DIY blogger somewhere in the worls and would like to see them portrayed – please give me a shout!

And then, on (nearly) every other wednesday you will also finde me over at Allisons blog posting some fun roundup. Click the button below to see all my posts.


But no fear, I will still post here on my own blog as much as I did! But I also got a little help, from Leah. You maybe already saw her first post? If now, read it here. She will post mouth watering recipes here every few weeks! And you can learn more about here by clicking below:


PS. Meet you in an hour again for a great summer printable as part fo the Creative Collective! Be sure to check it out!