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August 20 // Watch a documentary.

‘Nuff said. Alternatively, you could watch some TED videos!

You know, we have this very awesome “kids” show here in Germany. Why “kids”? Well … it may or may not happen that also we mid-20s watch this show. At least if we wake up early enough on sunday morning. I LOVED this show as a kid. (And still do, yes.) They have cartoons and such but the most amazing part for me have always been the little documentaries – they explained to me how instruments are build, how machines work, why there are no blue gummy bears and how the internet works. The last one may or may not have been a helpful ressource watched at university…

And then, one day, they also explained to me how penclis are made:

I’ve always loved pencils and other stationery. And I still dream of certain pens. No joke. That’s probably also why I bought vintage puncher and stapler. The company shown in the documentary above, although it is never mentioned, is clearly known – it’s the oldest and biggest (not only here in Germany). And I remember that I even got a book with a story how kids learned about everything in the factory…

Here is another documentary about them, this time in English:

Or if you want to train your German a little bit more: