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September 3 // Mystery Chef

Go to the grocery store and spend no more than $10-20 on a medley of ingredients — anything that catches your eye, especially things that seem odd or that you’ve never eaten. Go home and make a meal with your new ingredients. Do not use anything you already own except for spices and basic things like oil or butter. Do not follow a recipe, either. Allow your intuition to kick in. Chop things in funny shapes. Enjoy the mystery in your concoction.

Umm. I really wanted to take this challenge. Because it is a challenge for me. I can’t cook. And I don’t even like to. But I went to the store, bought some unknown vegetables and pasta and wanted to make something awesome.

And then things happened, ilke they always do. Cooking took so long and I got bored and I walked trough my apartment and started tidying up and forgot that I was cooking. And I burned my food. Welcome to my world. Food that isn’t ready in a few minutes isn’t something I should be allowed to do.

Then I thought I could just present some sandwiches here today. Because I can make sandwiches! Really!

But then again … I didn’t really wanted to. And I did, what I like to do: Order pizza and look at awesome food blogs. And promise myself to learn cooking, one day. I thought, I would just share two of my favorite food blogs with you. (Okay, both of them are more into baking than cooking, but who cares?!) (And I still share them down below!)

But, I wasn’t really satisfied with a post like that. So, the next day I made a compromise and went back to the store and bought things, that I already knew. That weren’t new for me. And cooked something, that I’ve cooked before. But, speaking of that compromise, I didn’t followed a recipe. I allowed my intuition to kick in :)

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🍝 #Pasta

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I bought again pasta, but no vegetables this time. Instead I bought ground meat, tomato paste (you could also buy tomatoes in whole, but I don’t like them) and some Parmesan, sheep’s cheese/brine cheese and Arugula (Rucola).

I cooked the pasta, fried the meat, put the pasta in the same pan, added tomato paste and cheese and let it sit for a little while. At the end I added the little bit of green for the look ;)


And, as promised, here are my two favorite food blogs:

Top With Cinnamon

This girl started her blog 3 years ago. When she was 15. And now she published her first book. Excuse me?!
And her photos!! OMG! I’m so envy…

(photos and video belong to Top With Cinnamon.)

Liz & Jewels

Liz and Jewels are two girls working together, although they are on two continents: Liz in Germany, Jewels in the US. They both cook/bake recipes, shoot them and then publish them and you can see and compare both versions. It’s fun to see!

(photos belong to Liz & Jewels.)

They also create videos, for decor8, which you can see here.

What did you cook? Something easy, pretty please? Something even I can cook?