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September 17 // A Random Word Story

Visit this Random Word Generator. Click “2″ to receive two random words. Write a fictional story that uses this word. The story can be any length, big or small.

My two words:

letter box

Well, that was more than luck to get these two words! I will tell a little fictional stories, but I will also tell you a little real story at first:

When I was a weekend at my parents place in summer my stepdad went to remove a lot of the ivy on the house, because it was growing into the roof. While doing this he also cleaned under the roof and found … this: An old magazine and a equally old newspaper.


It’s the year 1929. I live in my new home, it was built just two years ago. I’m the station manager in this little peaceful town.
Radios were invented already a few years ago and ever since they fascinate me. That’s why I subscribed to a magazine in which I can find the program of all stations as well as some other articles about all topics that belong to broadcasting.
It’s mid-november and already really cold. I need to cross the street to go to the station buidling. But I know that when I’m coming home tonight, my wife will have cooked a delicious meal for me and the newest issue of my favorite magazine will have arrived. It’s gonna be a nice and cozy evening with some reading… But at first I have to work. So I better leave the house now and go over to the station!

And this is how imagine the first people lived in my parental home. :)