Hey guys! It´s me again.

I hope you liked the “Monster Dough Chocolate Chip Muffins” from my last guest post.
Today I have a super delicious and extra thin apple tarte with rosemary in tow.
I actually wanted to make something suitable for halloween for my second guest post here, but somehow I had no right idea for something baked for it. Actually we not really celebrate halloween here.
So I was thinking, for something suitable to bake for autumn.
Because our apples trees in garden have hanging some super delicious apples on their tree branches now, I wanted to bake something with apples.
I thought first about a tarte tatin, which my mom already had baked after a recipes by Jamie Oliver (or was it Tim Mälzer) some time ago, but I remembered that this was a very slippery affair.


So I left finally the “tatin” away and made a normal apple tarte.

(By the way, the “tatin” stands for the sisters Tatin from Lamotte-Beuvron in Sologne, which, according to a legend, invented the famous apple pie by chance, as an prepared apple pie dropped out of their hands on the apple page. Then they just put him with the fruit side down again into the mold, covered with fresh dough and baked again.)

I have baked the apple tarte with rosemary and I also soaked the apples splits with it because I had the opinion that I had heard somewhere before that both fit very well together.

I can really suggest this tarte because the sour apples fit great with the slightly discreet rosemary flavor and the shortcrust pastry (it was my first) completes the whole very well. It’s a great taste experience for cold autumn days and the great thing is also that the pieces of this tarte are so thin that they downright melt on your tongue.

I have cobbled the dough and the filling together, so I have again only quantities in cups for you guys. Sorry!


Here comes the recipe:

For the bottom of the tarte you need first a shortcrust pastry.
For the shortcrust pastry you need: a bit more than 2 cups of flour, 1/3 cup of sugar, one egg and a little more than half a cup of butter or margarine.

Mix the flour, sugar, the egg and butter or margarine (not melted) with the hand mixer.
Then knead the dough with your hands smooth and wrap it in a freezer wrap.
Place the dough then for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
After the cooling time roll out the dough as thin as possible.
This works best if you lay the shortcrust pastry between two sides of a cut freezer bag.
Place the finished dough circle into a greased and filled with breadcrumbs form and shape the edge.


For the filling, I’ve picked a few apples from the apple tree in our garden.
They are slightly sour and supplement at the end super with the dough and rosemary.
I have washed the apples, peeled, thinly sliced and placed in a bowl of cold water, so they will not be as fast brown.

Then I poured off the water and placed the apple slices in circular shapes on the dough.
Just before baking, I’ve scattered a little brown sugar (to caramelize it) and the rosemary.

The finished raw tarte I baked at 200 degrees celcius (top and bottom heat) for 20 minutes.
The rosemary flavor is well bred by baking in the apples and because the branches are a bit prickly and unpleasant to eat, I have taken them off before serving.