Hoho, my friends.

So I start most of my letters and texts at this time of the year.
I am an absolute Christmas Child, you have to know. Although I’m born in October. For me, it may not be enough glitz, glamour and magic of Christmas. Good food – and a lot of it – belongs to me clearly to Christmas. Then I’m often talking to me that we don’t eat in the rest of the year as much as we eat as Christmas time, therefore it balances out.
Whatever the case.

Now we come to the baked apple which I brought you today.
I love baked apple, especially for Christmas time. When I saw a really tiny picture of an onion which opens like a blossom in the oven, I was impressed. Something like that I also wanted, but not with an onion. So I thought what to do. I had the idea of an apple blossom. A baked apple blossom. It’s so easy to make and it looks amazing – and the taste….ohhhhmmmm!

So, enough babble. I’ll show you below how to do such great baked apple blossom.

Because this is my last guest article here provisionally, I wish you already a cuddly warm, heavenly quiet, incredibly relaxing, beautiful angel and a reindeer strong Christmas, a nice rest advent time and a wonderful new year!

Dearest regards, Leah.


Here comes the recipe for the apples:

You need some (solid and not so sweet) apples, some margarine, brown sugar, some cinnamon, caramel (liquid or pieces) and optional toppings like vanilla ice cream or some extra cinnamon or caramel.

First you preheat the oven to 250 centigrade. Then you prepare the apples after the little tutorial, I made for you, so that they look like little blossoms when they come out of the oven after baking.


When you follow the tutorial it’s very important that you place the apples in an oven safe casserole.

After preparing you bake the apple for 15-20 minutes in the oven, but be carefully that your apples don’t burn. When the apples are cooked, you can get them out of the oven and press them to the outside in blossoms.

That was the whole magic. To serve, you can put some vanilla ice cream or whatever you like on the warm apples and enjoy them cuddled in a warm blanket.

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