Hello & Welcome to a week full of posts about knitting & crochet!

The prompt for the first day was to think about what kind of yarn I would be… But because I couldn’t really decide on one, I went and googled “what type of yarn are you quiz” – and I found one! There really is a thing for everything in the world wide web… Let’s see the test result:
(If you want to take the quiz as well, you can do so here.)


Super Bulky Yarn – You are a strong and sturdy yarn that people can always depend on to help create something quickly and efficiently. You are decisive, self-confident, and a born leader. However, you can sometimes take on too much at one time, and work too quickly. Just like Super Bulky yarn isn’t perfect for every project out there, you sometimes need to be reminded that you are only one person. When working on the right project and given the needed support, though, you are an un-stoppable force.

After reading this, I think … the quiz isn’t too wrong. The characteristics fit me quite well! I really am a person who people can depend on – at least that’s what my friends tell me, so I accept it as true. And yes, I ususally have too many projects in mind and I want to have them done all NOW and at the same time…

But, I am not enjoying working with super bulky yarn for a long time. I knitted myself two poufs with super bulky yarn, okay, actually with two strands of the yarn, and after a while I was just hoping it would soon be finished! 15mm/US19 needles aren’t for sissies, I tell ya! My hands hurt so much…

If you like, you can check my projects on ravelry here:

Smaller Pouf

Larger Pouf