Knitting-Crochet-Blog-Week-6-BannerI know, this post was supposed to be aboout me. Instead it turned into something about my heritage and my mom. As compensation you get to see some awesome baby-photos from me. You are very welcome ;)

I grew up in a household where it was totally normal that knitting needles rattled. My mom always used to knit. She learned it earlier but really began when I was on my way. She once even sent a self designed pullover to a magazine for a competition (and she still has a photo of that one, but I don’t have that on hand, sadly).

And she used to knit A LOT for me.
I mean, I even got baptized in some clothes she knit for me:


And also to every other occasion I had some stuff knitted from my mom. And sometimes, when I was lucky, my clothes matched my moms:

Once, when I was smaller, I was sitting beside here on the couch, saying “When I’m grown up, I’ll sit here with you and we two knit together.”
My mom laughed about this … but today, when I’m visiting here I do sit there, beside her on the couch and we both knit. And when I’m lucky she’s also knitting some things for me again!

So, that’s part of the story how I began with knitting. It seems to be in my heritage.
The other part, you ask?
The other part definitely was my stay on Iceland in 2010. I was working there as an Au Pair for a few weeks over the summer and fell in love with all the Fair Isle sweater. (I’ll tell the story of them another day, promise!) I came back from there with enough inspiration & motivation for both, my mom and me. She hadn’t knit for a long time, but then started again when she was teaching it to me. That’s why I have this cardigan, that I’m wearing on my favorite social meadia avatar pic:

(It’s this one. But my mom only followed the chart.)

Then, a few weeks back, while I was on winter vacation with a few friends I teached knitting to one of them (At first it was only one of them. At the end of the week 6 out of 10 were knitting…). To teach knitting brought motivation & inspiration to me even more. I really started and am now ready to knit ENDLESS clothes! Not only just hats and scarves… I’ve only just started! :)

So, if you’re ver stuck with your knitting motivation: Teach it! Since we did it, both my mom & me can’t stop any more. It’s a little problem – but one of the good ones!