When I made the photos for this post i realized: I may have a problem. I really hop that I see even more needles in the other post that foloow todays prompt, I really do!

IMG_6501-2I bought my first needles actually on Iceland, in 2010. They were some standard grey ones. Later I came across a bright colored set of dpns and bought two of them – they were 1,- each, I think?! And since that day my love for bright colored metal needles never stopped. Of course, yes, they do chip. But I love that as well – for me, it just shows that the needles are really used and that they do their job.


IMG_6492-2IMG_6498-2 IMG_6496-2

And about the storage?
The dpns all in one mug, the rest in an old enamel kidney dish (because one can’t have enough old enamel stuff at home!) and my interchangeable needles are still in the boring grey case I bought them in. Although I’m planning to sew a noew one!
If I take stuff with me, I put the wip in this one I once got with a supercraft box (an subscription craft box here in Germany) and the other stuff in that little marimekko unikko case I bought in Falun, Sweden for me… It already has some tea stains because it once met with my leaking thermos on the way to university, but I love it deeply as it holds so many memories from my travels in Sweden.

IMG_6499-2 IMG_6497-2 IMG_6500-2

double-point needles: 1,- store / boye via amazon
one-point needles: flyingtiger copenhagen
interchangeable set: tchibo
cable needles: flyingtiger copenhagen
knooking hooks: prym
large safety pins: drops design via lanade.de
personalized needle gauge: Pumora on etsy