Knitting-Crochet-Blog-Week-6-Banner Hello to the last day of Knit & Crochet Blog Week!

Today the task is to talk about my time & my place.
Ususally I knit here:

(The bookcase & shelves gained a “few” books since the pic was taken, but other than that it still looks like this.)

But I equally often knit on the sofas and armchairs from my friends, when we’re sitting all together, drinking coffee & tea and chat … and I knit. And probably also teach the others to knit.

The thing I don’t do? Knitting while in the train. I’m actually going a lot by train, as Hamburg’s big and my way to universtiy & work both are 20-30 minutes. But, I do have this other hobby – reading. So I use the commute for reading and my evenings for knitting :)