ScarfWeek2015-Logo1Do you know Rorschach test or Klecksography? It’s a psychological test, and as far as I learned about it in school, also highly controversial.

On another note, how awesome is the word Klecksography?? Klecks is actually the German word for (ink-) blob and I’m very entertained by the fact that they named a (more or less) academic test with this word… source: wikimedia

Anyway, besides having an use in psychology (or not), these Klecksography-pictures just look really great and are also fun to make by your own! So shall we start? Usually you would make Klecksogrpys just by putting an inkblot in the middle of two pages paper, but I came with a little twist on that to create larger art! Also, inkblots will not really work with most colors, as they are too viscous. But by following my little tutorial, you’ll get your paint spread more than usual. Oh, and yes, this technique does not only work on fabric but of course also on paper or probably even other stuff! The things you need:

  • light-colored fabric (or paper)
  • (fabric) paint
  • yarn scraps
  • cardboard or something else than you can use as protection for your table / floor…

rorschach-step1Start by cutting your yarn in pieces, approx. 12-15″ (30-40cm) or whatever you like. Then dip your yarn in the color, but leave a little tail without color, so that you can still grab it without getting pinted fingers. Or just wear gloves from the very beginning – that would be more clever anyway. But I’m not clever. So I now have colored fingers, of course…… rorschach-step2Make sure to know where the half of your fabric / paper is and work the next step only on one half: Lay your yarn on your fabric / paper. Try not to correct the position if you aim for a mirrored picture. And if you want more than one piece lay all yarns at the same time, that will be the most easy way. (Really, do as I say, not as I show in the photos. I did just one piece of yarn at first and then had to wait until everythign was dry before I could add some more…) rorschach-step3Now fold the other half over and press gently – oh, and if you’re not wearing gloves this is probably the step where you get paint on your hands. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about! While still lightly pressing pull the yarn out. I wiggled the yarn a bit while doing so to make my art slightly larger and not so thin. Or just open it up and remove the yarn – depending on which style you like more! rorschach-step4At last just open it up again and enjoy your art! And follow the steps your fabric paint needs! Some needs to be ironed, some needs to be washed, so do whatever needs to be done :) (And probably sew the rest of your scarf. Or whatever else you plan to do with your artsy fabric :)) rorschach-step5 rorschach-step6 FINISHED! :) Elena-rorschachscarf-square Have fun creating that little mess! And be sure to check all the other awesome ideas other bloggers created for today:

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And remember, there’s more to come this week!

ScarfWeek2015-RecTo access all 5 days of Scarf Week, visit our co-coordinators, Lauren from The Thinking Closet and Vanessa from Tried & True.  They’ll be updating their posts with the clickable collages as they go live this week.  And you can also follow along with our hashtag, #ScarfWeek2015.

See you tomorrow! Elena