» The First Tableau

So, you saw how the blank canvas looked like?
Want to know how it looked like after 48 hours hard work?

(Yes. I said FOURTY-EIGHT hours. Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Me and my parents. Fun… more or less.)

At first again the hallway. Just looking into the other direction.
New light fixture, new coat rack, new white paint on three walls, new purple paint on the fourth wall. Much better!

Then the bathroom!
After the first weekend it only had new paint on the walls, but nothing else. It does look different today, but that came later… gonna have to make pictures of it!

My flatmates room is just his, so I’m not going to post any pictures of that again here.

But – I do have some pictures from my room!
Yes, it was winter, when I made the pictures. But my room is always decorated with red, year round… And in this room have also been a lot of changes. But this was how it looked like first.
In my room came new wallpaper and all my furniture (that I already had before I moved to Hamburg, thankfully!) and some of my decoration. A lot more of decoration were to follow… ;)
Fenster_blog Bett_blog
Schreibtisch_blog Wohnecke_blog

And at last the kitchen again.
Here also came new wallpaper, some furniture (all the wooden things are heirlooms <3), but not yet a real kitchen. That one came half a year later. More on that here and here.
Küche1_blog Küche2_blogKüche3_blog

That was, how it all began…
Since that day a lot of things changed here.
But nearly of all the furniture stayed, as well as most of the wallpapers…

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