Rorschach Inspired Art with Yarn



ScarfWeek2015-Logo1Do you know Rorschach test or Klecksography? It’s a psychological test, and as far as I learned about it in school, also highly controversial.

On another note, how awesome is the word Klecksography?? Klecks is actually the German word for (ink-) blob and I’m very entertained by the fact that they named a (more or less) academic test with this word… source: wikimedia

Anyway, besides having an use in psychology (or not), these Klecksography-pictures just look really great and are also fun to make by your own! So shall we start? Usually you would make Klecksogrpys just by putting an inkblot in the middle of two pages paper, but I came with a little twist on that to create larger art! Also, inkblots will not really work with most colors, as they are too viscous. But by following my little tutorial, you’ll get your paint spread more than usual. Continue reading

Knotting T-Shirt Yarn Wrist Scarves



ScarfWeek2015-Logo1Hello there!
Today starts The Scarf Week – that’s something my blog bestie Lauren from The Thinking Closet invented last year. And this year she invited me to participate. (Yeah!) The Scarf Week is bloglands answer to the Shark Week (Which seems to be something happening in US TV this week, yes? We don’t have that over here!).

So, how does it work now? Well, each day a few bloggers will post fun ideas to DIY – all about scarves!

At the end of each post here you’ll find a collage with all others posts as well, so click around & be inspired!! Here’s the plan for the week: ScarfWeek2015-Rec But at first, have a look at my project for today?! :) Continue reading

The Varusschlacht Museum Kalkriese

What is the perfect thing to do on a rainy day?
Was macht man an Regentagen?

Perfect weather for the museum… 💦

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Visiting a museum!
Ins Museum gehen!

And that’s what I did a few weeks back, when I was at my parents. They live quite close to the place where the Varusschlacht (Battle of the Teutoburg Forest) happened – that battle in which the Roman Empire were resoundingly defeated by Germanic people.

Exakt das habe ich vor ein paar Wochen getan, als ich bei meinen Eltern war. Die leben nämlich recht nah an Kalkriese, wo die Varusschlacht stattfand (mutmaßlich). Die Varusschlacht ist diejenige, in der das Römische Reich eine heftige Niederlage erlitt und von den germanischen Stämmen zurückgedrängt wurde.

* Es heißt übrigens Kal-kriese, nicht Kalk-riese. ;)

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Last Minute Informations: Grand Prix / Eurovision Song Contest / Melodifestivalen


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Just as the countdown is starting my TV I thought, I’d let all of you outside of Europe know why we are going a little bit crazy right now…

The Eurovision Song Contest as it’s called today (in the past we used to call it by the French title Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson) was founded 60 years ago. It’s a contest where a lot of European countries send singers and battle against each other. But the reason it was founded wasn’t just “for fun” and for the battle. Instead the idea was to use the power of music to unite the European countries after the war.
This years motto is “building bridges” so it’s stil showing what it was and still is about. Although the topic is more broad nowadays. It’s a show with no discrimination, especially after last year, when Conchita won. Continue reading