» The Blank Canvas

This is, what my apartment looked like, before and when I moved in.
My parents helped me and together we created THIS into a lovely home you could actually live in – in only 48 hours!

(see also the floor plan here)

(These are all pics from my mobile phone I did,
when I just got the keys…)

This is the first thing you saw, when you cam into the apartment: The tiny hallway, looking straight into kitchen. And an awesome keyholder. (I still have that one, btw…)
And an awesome lamp. And awesome cat rack. And the most awesome wallpaper bordure <3

The door on the right picture lead into the bathroom, which looked like this: It wasn’t that bad. All the cabinets stayed, which was good, as I didn’t had any… What also stayed was the dead plant over the mirror!

The room across the bathroom is the one, my flatmate now has. It looked like this in the beginning: Oh, how he love the wallpaper bordure he was greeted with! (There was an old man living in here before. I haven’t understood until today, why he had this bordure!)

Next to this is my room: Blank canvas indeed. There was no wallpaper at all in it…

And at last, there’s the kitchen:

2 thoughts on “» The Blank Canvas”

  1. I sometimes look at the pictures of my house when I first moved in here. There wasn’t much I liked. The woodwork was an awful orange oak stain and every room was painted a dark color that made the small rooms look tiny. I might go through my old pics to remind me just how far I’ve brought this little house into becoming my home :)


    • Before I found these pictures again, I thought “it was not good, but okay”, now I think “it was so so bad!”. Thankfully it looks a LOT different today! There are still things I’d love to change, but it’s only a rented apartment during my university-years after all :)


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