ScarfWeek2015-Logo1Just as my wrist scarf was a perfect project for T-Shirt-Yarn scraps this is a great project for all the fabric scraps we have at home! The things you need:

  • fabric scraps in colors you like together
  • some ribbon (maybe also scraps)
  • needle & thread or a sewing machine

patchworkscarf2Sadly I don’t have that much great photos of the whole process because I had someone waiting for its scarf and not understanding, why I would need photos! The one above & right is mine, the original, but I don’t have process photos of that one. And I didn’t had time to get a decent pic of the purple one, once it was finished…

But it is really easy to sew this one (and also kind of a version for the lazy sewer aka. me), so you will hopefully still understand what I did.
Let’s start:

The first thing you do is to sew all your fabric together to form a long piece.Right side on right side, piece by piece.

floral &  checkered fabric already sewn, next is the polka dot fabric

floral & checkered fabric already sewn, next is the polka dot fabric

At second, fold it over & sew togethee, again left side up. Now you have a tube with both ends open, right? Good!

patchwork-step2 patchwork-step3Now turn the whole things over to have the right side outside just the way you want to wear it.

At last, take one end, fold the fabric a bit inside and then put the other end inside this first end. Sew over all four layers of the fabric at once – this seam will not look that great, and that’s where the ribbon get’s it gig: Lay it on top of the seam, sew again! You will less likely notive a seam on a ribbon then on the fabric (at least if you chose the right color of thread…).

patchwork-step4 patchwork-step5 patchwork-step6 patchwork-step7You can see that I added some more ribbons on my (original, above) scarf, just get creative! Here you can use all the little scraps that serve no other purpose – fabric as well as ribbons! Also, of course, you can adjust the length to whatever you want to have :)

Have fun sewing!

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Coming Soon….

ScarfWeek2015-RecAlso, don’t forget that there are two more days coming, both filled with endless scarf-inspiration! Come back tomorrow to see my next scarf tutorial!

To access all 5 days of Scarf Week, visit our co-coordinators, Lauren from The Thinking Closet and Vanessa from Tried & True.  They’ll be updating their posts with the clickable collages as they go live this week.  And you can also follow along with our hashtag, #ScarfWeek2015.